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The Gifts That Come From My “Strokes”


Raven CrowIn January 2010, Raven suffered a major stroke following a surgery and subsequently suffered multiple strokes while recovering at a hospital. This experience resulted in numerous challenges such as seizures, difficulty with walking, and impaired communication (also knows as aphasia). She was left with severe cognitive impairments including challenges with memory, thinking, planning, organizing and decision making.
While Raven was in the hospital she knew she had to keep her brain stimulated to aid her recovery and started to draw and paint from her Native / Métis culture spiritual healings. Raven sees her strokes as gifts… “Wow, now what new gifts are coming my way?


Before her strokes she worked as a spiritual healer, as “Hollow Bone” for spiritual ceremonies, drumming, dancing, singing, most of which she stopped due to her stroke. She has returned gradually to continue her role as Aboriginal Spiritual Leader in the community… open to all that want to take their personal healing to a deeper level.


Raven goes to various resource groups within the community such as BIST, COTA, and programs at different Native Centres, especially art programs which she has taken to a much deeper level. As she draws and paints, not knowing what the spirit has in mind for her, her art takes a form of its own and sometimes it is much later that she knows what the painting is about and names it.


Raven is courageous, remarkable, caring individual with still many hidden talents and is only too pleased to share them within the community as well as tell her story. She focuses on programs using art as the medium for healing, self-reflection and exploration.
~ Stroke Recovery Canada


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